Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fat Boy Starts Rolling

So it begins. 2 weeks later than I planned but as of Sept 29th I'm finally on the road.

It was a quick day today, just rode from Sean and Steve's new pad in Gastown down to the Tsawassen ferry. I had a late start due to some late night hijinxs with the boys to celebrate their new abode. Thanks for that fuckers, really needed that second bottle of whiskey. All I know is I woke up in nothing but my bibs. I guess even in my stupid state I was still planning ahead.

Uneventful ride through the city in the morn, I was still pretty drunk I think. Just before the Alex Fraser Bridge I was hearing this ticking from my rear wheel. After a couple of km's it went away. That's when my tire went flat. You know I bought these kick ass Schwalbe tires figuring I'd be challenged to get a flat. F that, not even 40km in and I pull this out.

Add insult to injury, I try my first then my second spare tube only to find holes in both of them as well. I'm an idiot I don't know why I keep tubes with holes in them. By this time I've gained an audience of two old Sikh dudes with long grey beards and no English vocab. Lucky I had some patches, barely knew what to do with them but got rolling again.

Mandatory start of the trip shot, Alex Fraser Bridge. Not throwing myself off, still drunk.

On the ferry I ended up running into a couple that used to frequent Different Bikes. They were riding their bikes down to Victoria and then Sooke. Dude looks at me a couple times, squints and says "Oh, Ciaran! I barely recognized you. You've gotten chubby!" Thanks old man, get to the grave already.

Quick roll off the ferry to Mcdonald Provincial Park in Sidney, it's nice I'm getting to test out all my new gear in the sunshine. I don't know where I got the stupid idea to do this trip with no training, and all brand new unproven gear. I've probably told hundreds of people to never do such a thing. Do as I say, not as I do.

Rolled down into Sidney to get my dinner, asked a young guy on a Kona if he could tell me where a grocery store was, his response "Ya sure, It's go fuck your mother". He then spun away giving me the finger. Sorry Claire but that was pretty fucking awesome!

My set up for the night, computers in the woods, what the crap?

It's a quick 35km roll down to Victoria tomorrow morn to catch the Coho ferry at 10:30 to Washington State. Then the trip really starts. So in the end today was short, only about 75km but it's good to be out. I'll try to do this journal thing regularly probably won't be this long but this is the start and I'm still fresh.

Be good out there people



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  1. Being called chubby is a term of endearment! Glad to see you're on the road and the weather is holding for you. Keep up the posts....Gramps and I are living vicariously through you!